Sumit Sharma

Cloud Strategy – Private vs. Public or… Hybrid?

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Cloud Computing is for real, and the burning question isn’t whether Cloud Computing should figure into IT strategic planning, but rather on the lines of how Cloud Computing fits into the IT landscape. When approaching this question, one sure thing you need to ascertain is exactly what type of Cloud model is optimal for your organization, public or private? Perhaps a blend of both?

Fundamental to being able to devise a Cloud strategy and understand which delivery model to pursue, it is important to drill down into some fundamental constraints that will power your decision. This should be approached both from a business strategy point of view, as well as from an operational efficiency perspective. Does it figure into your organization’s corporate strategy to be a consumer of cloud services, or a provider of cloud services? What are the types of services in the running to be consumed over the cloud – are they appropriate to be offered via the Cloud – are there specific regulatory and legal constraints that need to be considered? Furthermore, the design of the enterprise application architecture will need to be taken into account, as well as the maturity of your organization’s IT infrastructure. An easily overlooked aspect of ascertaining a Cloud strategy is how effectively can process be automated and governed within the organization – hosting a private Cloud is a paradigm shift, not just technologically, but from a process, organization and skills perspective. Last but not least – the bottom line – does it make financial sense to maintain Cloud infrastructure in house, or to source it externally? As you can see, deciding on what your organization’s Cloud strategy is like looking yourself in the mirror and doing some deep, realistic introspection.


Written by Sumit

August 26, 2010 at 9:50 am

Posted in Cloud Computing

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