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The relationship bw the Media Industry and the internet companies

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Metadata definitions of BigData, so that context can be derived, and subsequently enrich the quality of our experience on the internet is a form of a trajectory that companies need to take.
The current trajectory that Google, Facebook, Amazon et al are on is to move on a silo’d path towards owning the internet. O’Reilly’s premise that this should be treated with caution because it may restrict openness on the web is absolutely sport-on.
Opening up APIs isn’t enough to be participants in the internet of openness. In fact, it is self serving as far as these companies are concerned because they are enabling themselves to expand themselves – or – enable their core to expand out. Granted, their cores are very different from what you’ve been calling cores in the enterprise/industrial context, it still is a restricted or limited entity. Your argument that there is always going to be someone smarter outside your organization should be their operating premise. If that were the case, they’d share their data, and spur further oppurtunities for new ideas to come up in the form of analytics, recommendation and serendipity producing engines.
If cable companies were able to take a parallel to this, and open up their APIs and delivery mechanisms so that we could apply our own filters to content, based on metadata analysis, media delivery would be severely disrupted. This would turn the world of scheduled programming upside down, and instead of forcing content down our throats, it would enable us to pick what we want. Going back to the internet companies going down a trajectory of potentially restricting openness, there are two potential scenarios I see happening: I think they’ll prompt a response from the media companies to open up, or the media companies will prompt these internet companies to open up. I say this because, whoever makes that first move will expose the power of applying contextual relevance of data delivery and user experience, and prompt the wave of opening and sharing data. Perhaps, it is an opportunity for a shaping strategy for media companies or internet companies to consider, where the act is to open up data, the asset is the data, the platform is to formulate a federated metadata definition.


Written by Sumit

April 19, 2010 at 11:28 pm

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