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Real time search to a whole new level

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Siri is a new company that can take in your voice command and spit out results to you in the hope that it will be relevant of course to your needs. I’d be curious to know what their sources of data are, and if its just cold directory data and coupling that with location and some other obvious pieces of data…
For starters in contextualizing users’ situations I’d try to create a function that incorporates at least some implications of location, time and micro events
…however if you were to think about it, they are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, a social graph of some sort. I know I’ve argued about the over-hyping of social graphs before, and I still stick to my guns for that, however think about the importance of integrating popular ratings, what users possessing similar characteristics are doing and so on. Basically, tapping into LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to access and build some sort of a similarity graph and categorize which bucket a user falls into, and then imbibing APIs from platforms such as Yelp to incorporate ratings as well. So the function would be:
Siri_Recommendation = f(location, micro_events, time, Social_Graph), where Social_Graph= f(social graph, ratings)

Again, its all about sharing, opening up platforms and then getting chomped on by Google, Facebook and the like because all thats unique about Siri in this case is they (better) have a kick ass algorithm (the Siri_Recommendation) or their voice recognition algorithm is so sophisticated that it captures tones, pitch and can incorporate that into the background context of the search – long shot.
Bye bye Siri, if not now, then definately later.


Written by Sumit

April 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm

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