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Democratization of Data ahoy!

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I just came across a start-up, Anchor Free, whose main product is a Hotspot Shield. I think there is some serious disruptive potential here, and the big boys (FB, Google, Yahoo, MSN and other content, networking sites) had better keep an eye on what these guys are up to.
Anchor Free has the ability to track user activity across all websites, facebook, google, youtube, yahoo, msn etc. – this is exactly what I’ve been advocating in a previous post and they read my mind, ok whatever they startd before me but hey, great minds think alike. 🙂
What’s the “so-what” factor in all this? It is very subtle, and extremely pertinent: They have that knowledge that none of these individual websites have: that is, they know what users have been up to across the web, so basically taking all the silo’d website data, combining it into a huge apple crumble pie and voila, you have a full dessert, not just an individual slice. This gives one a much more accurate and all-round picture of who a user is and what their characterisitcs are. On top of all this heap of data from this cross website – aggregation, Anchor Free also knows their users and so they can cross referenc activity with user profiles and this becomes even more powerful. Venture Capitalist, Raj Kapoor, has written about the value of having informaiton about user activity and how much money can be made from selling/licensing this data.

If I was the CEO of Anchor Free, I would spin off an advertising/marketing business where they make use of all this data which if they continue to procure, they’d be HAUTE!!!!


Written by Sumit

March 19, 2010 at 10:21 am

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