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How to use Semantic data to make discoverability easier…

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One of the elements Rob Glaser, former CEO of RealNetworks, mentioned as a top trend, at a recent Mobile Broadband meeting, was:
“The industry needs to make discovery easy, which means once people have access to digital content, they need to be able to find their stuff and new stuff they will like using semantic data.”
I’ve written about this in an earlier post, but I do feel that we may be getting to complacent in this effort. Just because we have sophisticated analytics, and Google, Facebook etc making strides in getting to be omnipresent on the internet, doesn’t mean that we’re making discoverability easier.
I have a message for such companies which I’ve written about in an earlier post: There needs to be a systematic effort for all to begin collaborating with each other, sharing APIs and data (most importantly) because this notion of trying to be the best aggregator of information won’t work unless you collaborate with each other.


Written by Sumit

March 10, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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