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Why Google Buzz isn’t working for me

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A couple of days ago I can’t remember where I read/saw this but they compared Sergey/Larry to Mark Zuckerberg:
Sergey/Larry: when you meet them, there is an awkward moment and not sure what to say or do…
Mark: he’s more of a “whats up man” kind of guy, and will give you a hug…

Enough said.

In my last post about whether analytics should be treated as a science or an art, I argue that there is an aspect of creativity and actual understanding of human psychology that should go into the algorithms producing data before us…Take a look at my friend list on buzz…out of the 26 people that are following me on day 1 of its launch I have only 5 truly relevant people…that is people I consider good friends and whom I’ve interacted with in the last 6months at some level. Once again, using the silo’d data set of gmail correspondence, Google has, to its utter embarrassment, taken liberty to go at this alone with out Facebook, Twitter and without analyzing other activities I do.
Of course, I’m not saying that Google should be producing friends out of the blue to me (I for the record wouldn’t find that creepy but I know 99% of you would – in fact I think that would be a great experiment) – in fact don’t these dating websites do that as well? – (read: we have double standards but thats a point for another time) but at least they need to stop being so robotic about it. You can’t just use plain math to hook me up with people, Google!!!
FB isn’t perfect, but you need to learn from there…give a hug, smile maybe and loosen up (just like Mark).

To sum it up, John Battelle couldn’t have said it better in his blog about Buzz:

Buzz does not let you do pretty much anything at all with Facebook. Buzz tries to find your friends and connections through algorithms that watch what you do on Google services, then lets you add more, but through the lens of Gmail. There are two things wrong with this: Algorithms, and email. Facebook didn’t depend on either to create its initial value. Instead, it let humans pick other humans, which honestly, is what social is all about at its core.


Written by Sumit

February 11, 2010 at 6:42 am

Posted in Social Networking

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