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What blog sites need to do…

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With a great deal of humility, I would like to offer some advice to WordPress (the operator of this blog site), and I hope they follow it….
First of all, just for a minute please put aside fears and doubts regarding privacy, security, practicalities of how to get there. Now let me set some context…There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there, many of whom I’d like to occasionally read some interesting points of view. The important assumption is that following one person’s blog and each and every one of their articles is like only wearing a single item of clothing all year round, boring and after a while it becomes stale…’it’ being your relationship with that blogger’s articles. That blogger may continue to churn out all sorts of cool articles but they aren’t always going to be what you want…yes there is that element of being starstruck and feeling the need to read each and every article written by Bill Gates but I don’t think thats an very good diversification strategy , at least from a personal relevance perspective…

Which brings me to the point of this post: Lets access those 100s of 1000s of bloggers, out of whom at least a handful will post something that will be appealing to you…Question is, how?!?
Here is my suggestion of how:
1. Get to know the reader. Yes, WordPress – get to know who I am, what I’m interested in, what my background is, what I’m writing, who I hang out with and all that.
2. Get to know your data. Again, WordPress…get to know what your writers are writing, categorize them in meaningful ways that can be easily federated with other blogs and articles in various news sites – you won’t regret this because in the long term they too will be able to make easily constructed API calls to you as well.

Thats it, you know your readers and you know your content. Match made in heaven. Here is what happens now that you are in this enviable situation:
I get presented with cool articles from people that I didnt know exist, based on the WordPress intelligent algorithms. Yeah right, if Google and FB still can’t get relevance right good luck…but at least you konw what direction to head in and the steps needed to get there…

Know me. Know what I write. Now repeat this for every other user and article.


Written by Sumit

February 10, 2010 at 11:15 pm

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