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How the online music sellers really need to operate…

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Apple and other retailers have much to learn from the music genome project: mapping DNA of products (in this case, music) to users’ characteristics. Imagine if iTunes acquired Pandora, how crazy would that be? We’d get recommendations on what to buy in a much more powerful way. Now combine this with Shazam…
Shazam is like an augmented reality app that literally brings music track names to your finger tips. Imagine if iTunes leveraged this knowledge…this is as close as it gets to real time mind reading for music. Now, couple this with the time of the day, my location and voila – you’ve got some pretty damn good context to what I like…now Shazam…expand your business to provide me a pandora like functionality and give me recommendations…


Written by Sumit

January 10, 2010 at 10:42 pm

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