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My warning to the media industry

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DemandMedia is trying to read our minds, in addition to making money…here should be their next steps: To stop using search engine and advertising inputs as their sole source of information. Get information from social networks- wall feeds, posts and comments, from physical devices and from other user/discussion boards. Collaborate with discussion forums, and other resource groups to figure out ways to read our minds in a much richer way-get into a more direct touch with people. Pandora knows the age, location and music preferences, at a minimum, of all its listeners and based on this, it can provide specific localized advertising real time. This was already evidenced by its initiative where it can target men in their 20s listening to Punk music to 5 different Whole Foods locations in the Bay Area with location specific ads within a 5mile radius of each store. Tivo should be able to recommend programs. TV is here to stay for a vast majority of the population, so to catch up to Youtube and others, how can they retain users – Through understanding users and figuring out which programs they can watch.

This will entail a disruption to scheduled programming – we will migrate from seeing, not what’s available, but what can be watched – or form a push model to more of a pull model. It will be on demand programming all the time. This will disrupt today’s model of only being able to watch what’s available and evolve to watch whatever you want. Instead of us controlling our Tivo’s to record what’s interesting to us, the networks will provide us what is interesting to us based on our characteristics. It will be a convergence of Tivo like capabilities and network programming. Networks will become aggregators, not just providers – this will vastly disrupt Hollywood, and the media and entertainment industries. Instead of forcing us what to choose from (basically we’re given a choice of finite options to consume from Movie Studios, Record Labels and Print Media), we’re beginning to see remnants of change occurring: in the Music Industry, Pandora is providing music based an algorithm that matches the genres of each music title to our characteristics. Spotify is a proprietary peer to peer music streaming service through which one can obtain music titles from the peer to peer network and can specify preferences to narrow down the list of choices. Zoe Keating, a former techie turned independent musician and twitter celebrity, chooses not to sign on to record labels because she doesn’t want to make compromises to her personal style. These are all signs of individualism arising at least in relation to media, and especially with regards to providing and consuming entertainment….this trend will be headlining our relationship with the various media channels in the future and they had better be ready for us by knowing what we want and providing greater relevance to our needs and desires.Media is changing


Written by Sumit

December 12, 2009 at 6:55 am

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