Sumit Sharma

Ensuring successful aggregation: We need to give in order to receive

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Since aggregators need to interpret the web of data, apply analytics and intelligence to discover trends and develop insight on what information to provide a user, be it products, tweets, calendar entries and any other data, there is an important cycle of giving and receiving between users and aggregator that needs to be conspicuous and explicit. This is crucial to aggregators being able to successfully offer rich and quality service to a user. Users need to share their information needed for aggregators to analyze in order to build constantly evolving intelligent user profiles and preferences, based on which they’d decipher which information to provide, when to do that, how and where.

Why is it so important for data to be shared between users and aggregators? As such, at least two perspectives can be taken, that of a user and that of a service provider. Users will definitely benefit because aggregators will be able to sort through data and apply analytics effectively in a structured manner. Providers, such as businesses and service providers etc will immensely benefit because they can contextualize the specifications of their businesses in terms of semantic context, which will then make them that much more searchable on the web


Written by Sumit

November 4, 2009 at 7:06 am

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