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What do we need for Aggregators to have meaningful impact?

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Coming back to reality though because we are far from the world previously described in my last couple of posts, there are several key transformations needed for this movement of the semantic web to credibly occur:

1. A common platform of data available to all

When one makes a search query, it can be argued that it is the search engine’s responsibility to educate users about the real line up of choices, instead of just searching from specific sets of data. Only by being able to aggregate across various silo’d sources of data will one obtain a truthful aggregated data set. So in other words, if Yelp, Google and Facebook shared their APIs this might be close to becoming a reality.

2. Regulations and standardization and federation of metadata

This is a logical argument that serves to reduce the complexity of the digital world by increasing inter-operability and making it an imperative. In an ideal situation, there would be a system to define metadata in the same vein that a metric system is used to define measurements.

3. Database management systems will need to be more conducive to large data volumes

in the ever increasing world of digitization comes the need to effectively search for the same. An argument can be made that in today’s style of storing data, using relational databases, quickly and efficiently sifting through data can be resource intensive and to mitigate against such issues,  a new way of storing data is becoming more popular. Yahoo and Facebook have begun to adopt Hadoop and Google has adopted MapReduce for extremely large data instances.


Written by Sumit

November 1, 2009 at 7:04 am

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