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What we should take away from the Music Genome Project

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Case Study: the Music Genome Project

The music Genome Project is an initiative to map out about 400 qualities or genes to describe a specific piece of music within each genre. This is on the lines of a provider being able to accurately describe their services, and this in turn enables them to figure out what to provide to their customer that is currently being done through The missing dimension in the equation of mapping user preferences to music for Pandora is to capture user data beyond just the historical music preferences but to involve time, geography and mind/body data as well.

Unfortunately, we are FAR from this ideal world state of having data overlays describing our lives in all 3 plains. Until and unless there is a massive federation effort incorporating every single source of data in all 3 plains and how standardized the information will need to be addressed – perhaps there will need to be an equivalent of a WWW for mind/body data which could be the lines of HL7 standards, as well as standards on defining physical data. We are already seeing companies making effort to contextualizing data however it is happening in silos, (right now Yahoo Fire-eagle and Google Latitude have divergent ways of defining geographic metadata).

Note, that the web of semantic data will go beyond just virtual entities, but will also include physical entities in this world with identities depicted in a standardized way that conforms to how entities in the virtual world are depicted.

It should be noted that there is no right solution to designing this semantic web of data, and these models will probably continue to go through iterations towards a more feasible and efficient method to characterize users and the data they consume. One powerful solution has been outlined by Marc Davis, former Chief Scientist at Yahoo! who has designed the Web4 invention framework in which context of data in terms of “who, what, where and when” is being categorized.


Written by Sumit

October 25, 2009 at 6:53 am

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