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Using metadata for overlaying the web of provider data

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The Semantic Web of Provider Data

In my previous post, I talked about what I thought the metadata overlay of consumer data could look like, and in this post I’d like to briefly overview what the metadata overlay of provider data could look like…

The semantic web of provider data can be described in terms of three core foundational overlays: commerce, utility and leisure. These overlays will exist to describe the products and services being offered in a manner that will enable the providers to more accurately target consumers through marketing and sales.

Web overlay for provider data

Commerce contextcommerce predominantly spans the products and services industry – this includes both e-commerce and physical commerce entities. Context could include characteristics and features related to defining the type of product/service being offered, as well as features defining operating characteristics of the business entity. Examples of contextual data could include the types of products, hours of operation of a business, location of a business, price points, and various other of the business.

Utility context utilities imply things that we make useful to our productivity or quality of life. These would include collaboration tools, networking, computing infrastructural solutions and other personal productivity applications and widgets.

Leisure context this includes games, arts, cultural, sports and recreational and social networking sites


Written by Sumit

October 22, 2009 at 6:48 am

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